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How to Wear Booties

How to Wear Booties

Booties season is around the corner.  Yes, booties will remain a hot trend for this upcoming fall, despite the fact that, while …

Bangs Shoes

Friday’s Fab Find: Bangs Shoes

One great thing about writing for Bridgette Raes’ Friday’s Fab Find is I get to spotlight small private owned companies. Don’t get …

Go Go Golosh

Friday’s Fab Find: Go Go Golosh

I absolutely LOVE writing for Bridgette Raes’ Blog.  I love introducing people to fab products, discovering fun services, promoting small businesses, rewarding …


Friday’s Fab Find: Footzyfolds

Its been said the average American walks 2.2 miles but according to some sources your average New Yorker walks almost three times …

Leopard Print at Work

Leopard Print at Work

After a long weekend I am definitely not in a work frame of mind.  I’m just not ready to deal with anything …