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Friday’s Fab Find: SilkRoll

I recently started working on a novel. It’s really hard. I’ve been working on it about two months and I’ve seen the …

client purchases

Client Purchases in March

My client work is seasonal.  I work all year round but there are pockets on times throughout the year where it gets …


Friday’s Fab Find: Shopworn

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. -Bo Derek There are so many amazing and wonderful …

plaid shirt outfits

Five Casual Plaid Shirt Outfits

Plaid shirts aren’t just for lumberjacks this fall.  Plaid is very trendy, plaid shirts included.  If it has been a while since …

how to wear cobalt blue

How to Wear Cobalt Blue

With all the buzz around trendy colors like mint green, coral, emerald and yellow, of-the-moment cobalt blue has sort of slipped through …