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Dressing Your Body

Leggings to Work

How to Wear Leggings to Work

The cooler weather means leggings season is here again.  Aside from having to bear witness to those who clearly don’t have a …

How to Wear Booties

How to Wear Booties

Booties season is around the corner.  Yes, booties will remain a hot trend for this upcoming fall, despite the fact that, while …

Tunic Top

How to Wear a Summer Tunic Top

Tunic tops and I aren’t really friends.  Being a curvier girl, with big boobs and thighs, and also a defined waist, seldom …

Cropped Jacket

How to Wear a Cropped Jacket

A recent email from a reader inspired today’s One Item, Five Fashionable Ways post, how to wear a cropped jacket.  I wanted …

How to wear wide leg pants

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

Fashion changes on a dime.  It’s terribly unreliable and just annoying.  Just when you think you’ve figured it out it changes.   I …