Join Me for the Golden Globes this Sunday

Tina Fey Amy Poehler Golden GlobesI throw the best awards show parties! I get a few thousand, or so, of some of the funniest people around (sorry it won’t be Tina Fey or Amy Poehler…they’re hosting that night) and we talk about the show throughout the night…on my Facebook Page (and then out to Twittersphere.) Yes, what started out as me bored in a hotel room two years ago while traveling has now turned into tradition that many of my Facebook peeps seriously look forward to.  At each televised awards show ceremony, I comment live on the fashion seen during the evening. While it is great fun to do, I really have to say that it is the commenting I receive from others that makes it truly hysterical.

The best part about my party is you don’t even have to get dressed up!  Just log into Facebook when the Golden Globes start at 8pmEST on NBC this Sunday  and be sure to be a subscriber to my Facebook page.  You can also follow my comments on Twitter as well, if that is your preferred social media platform.  You can follow me @BridgetteRaes and Tweet to let everyone who follows you on Twitter know by clicking here.

Here are just a some of the commentary from last year’s show:

Jessica Biel

Meryl Streep

Reese Witherspoon

Thomas Jane Hung

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Madonna Golden Globes

Michelle Pfeiffer Golden Globes