Brace Yourself: Wearing Braces For Teeth is a New Fashion Trend

Fake Braces for TeethWearing braces for teeth is a fashion trend.  Asians can be very weird when it comes to trends.  Remember Bagel Heads, The Face-kini or Boob Slapping?  Well, now Asians, particularly in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, are choosing (that’s right) to wear braces as a fashion trend.  They’re even getting knock-off fake braces for teeth at salons, street vendors and the black market.  Many trend-chasers are getting sick and even dying over this trend as some of these fake braces contain lead.  You can actually be imprisoned in some countries for dealing in the fake braces biz.  None of these issues seem to be slowing this trend down.

Why do I bother writing about this crap?  Weird trends have become so synonymous with Asian culture that I think I’m going to blog about them when they do something normal.

Fake braces for teeth, a fashion trend?  What will they think of next.

Just watch the video.