The $1,400 Ugly Christmas Sweater That is More Moronic Than Ironic

If you’ve received an invitation to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this holiday season, get your head out of your local Salvation Army bin or your grandma’s trunk in the attic.  Here is one you can get for $1,395.00.  That’s right…nearly $1,400 for an ugly sweater.

Available on Net-a-Porter, Meadham Kirchoff is pawning the Maria metallic-embroidered knitted sweater and suggests this glittering red knitted sweater (inspired by 1960s gift paper, whatever that means) was designed with intricate Zardozi embroidery.  Meadham Kirchoff suggested that  this beaded piece pop against a black miniskirt and ankle boots.  Wait…I thought Ugly Christmas sweaters were meant to be ironic?  With a price tag of nearly $1,400, this one is moronic.

I love the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend.  It’s fun, amusing, creative and tongue-in-cheek.  In fact, last year I listed my Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

If you’re really on the hunt for a fun Ugly Christmas Sweater and don’t want to drop a mortgage payment to get one, check out the styles available on instead.

  • BusyVP

    Don’t laugh – these sweaters are very popular! I was invited to one of these parties last year and I went hunting. From mid October to Early December I stopped at 5 different thrift stores once a week and never found a one!!

    One shop told me that there are people who come by and buy them all up to sell on ebay, etsy and other sites. If you see one – and need one – grab it!

    • Oh no laughter at all! I love the concept and think it’s all good fun, which you can see in the post. What I think is moronic is buying one for $1,400!! Have you checked out They sell great ugly sweaters!