Replay’s “Social Denim”…Update Your Facebook Status Using Your Jeans

Replay Social Denim In a time where women are still dragging 15 pairs of jeans into a dressing room to maybe find one pair that makes her butt look halfway decent, Replay, the Italian denim company, will be debuting Social Denim jeans (that range in price of $210-$310) in December that will allow you to update your Facebook status and Twitter.  It’s called Replay “Social Denim Collection” which means your jeans can update your status for you.  And, this is important because?

If you’re a technology and gadget freak, you may be interested in knowing how it works.  Basically, these jeans will have a fifth pocket with a Bluetooth-connected transmitter.  Your smartphone is then slid into the vinyl pocket and a series of buttons will allow you to update your location or mood to both Facebook and Twitter without ever having to remove your phone from your pocket.  Location and mood?  So, the location might be: “Stuck in a pair of overpriced, gimmicky denim jeans!” and the mood: “Uncomfortable!!!  These jeans are too tight!  Send Help!”

Replay Social Denim

Okay, question: What woman actually keeps her phone in the pocket, especially the front pocket, of her jeans?  Personally, I think a “social media handbag” would be smarter, albeit stupid.  And, truthfully, before the invention of a “social handbag”, I’d prefer some sort of a GPS feature that would let me quickly find my smartphone in my bag before it stopped ringing.

And, how hard is it to pull your phone out of your pocket and update your damn status?  Have we gotten so lazy that we have to have our jeans do it for us?  And, what is so important that we can’t wait until we have a free hand to do it manually?

What do you think?  Is Replay Social Denim cool and futuristic or ridiculously unnecessary?