Stylish Winter Boots

When it comes to stylish winter boots, is it possible to keep your feet warm and dry this winter while looking stylish at the same time?  You bet it is.  And, no, your Classic Uggs that will not work.   Do not wear those boots out in the show or rain.  They are not intended for inclement weather.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about all the winter boot options out there to consider.  

If the hurricane in the northeast wasn’t enough, last night we had a snowstorm.  Yes, we have snow on the ground in New York today, which got me thinking about the best snow boots around.  This inspired me to ask subscribers to my Facebook page their preference on snow boots and I wanted to share that information with you.  Here were a few stand out brands:


My friend MichelleMadhok, CEO of, suggested this brand and now I’m obsessed.  Marvin Krasnow, known as Marvin K., founded the brand in 1989 from his native city of Montreal, Canada (Leave it to those Canadians to come up with the best winter shoes.) Witnessing the harsh effects of Montreal winters on women’s footwear, the city’s extreme climate sparked the Aquatalia credo – provide women with the luxury of looking good and the confidence their footwear will stand up to the elements.

Now, Aquatalia shoes will set you back quite a bit, but if you can swing it, I not only recommend their boots but their shoes which also stand up to the elements.

Here is a look I put together using a pair of Aquatalia boots.  For more styles, be sure to check out their site.

Winter Boots Featuring Aquatalia Boots


Founded in 1962 in Canada (there it is again), SOREL brings its functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion.  If I had to choose the hippest winter boots right now, the pair I seen being worn by fashionistas and trendsetters, it’s this brand.  To me, they look a bit like what Luke Skywalker and friends wore in The Empire Strikes Back, but they are just ugly enough to make them really covetable.  I sort of need a pair now.

Here is a look I put together using a pair of SOREL boots.  For more styles, you can snowshoe over to their site.

Winter Boots featuring Sorel Boots



Another boot company I’m sort of obsessed with now is Moov.  Founded in 2008, the brand launched internationally with the world’s original sheepskin lined wellington boot, which for the first time combined style, warmth and rainproof qualities.   Marrying a lightweight natural latex rubber shell that resists temperatures as low as -25ºC/-13ºF with 100% Australian Merino sheepskin, these boots are sort of like a Hunter rainboot and an Ugg Boot in one.

Here is a look I put together using a pair of Moovboots.  For more styles, you can moov (get it?) to their site here.

Stylish Winter Boots featuring Moovboots


La Canadienne

La Canadienne Boots are popular with many of my clients.  They began forty-five years ago in (no surprise) Montreal with a goal was to create comfortable, versatile boots that would offer unbeatable protection against the cold, wet Canadian climate.

Tak a look at some of their styles by visiting their website and check out my look below using a pair of La Canadienne boots.

Winter Boots Featuring La Canadienne Boots