If You’re Going to Photoshop a Body, at Least Make it Look Believable

I got a good laugh out of this on Jezebel.com who called into question the unskilled photoshopping that made Christina Aguilera’s bones look mangled.

It’s bad enough that women have to look at retouched women in the media but, for Christ’s sakes, at least make them look believable!!!  Sure, we may not accept that someone can possible be as slim and unblemished as we see in a magazine, but normally, at least wrists don’t look like ankles or that someone has two elbows, like this photo does.


As Jezebel pointed out, the chin has been sculpted to the point that it doesn’t look normal and used excessive shadowing to cover it up and Aguilera’s right arms has varying widths and an odd wrist. On her left arm, it looks like she might have two elbows or, again, the use of shadows as a coverup for bad photoshopping. Aguilera’s left hip is also missing and her knee’s indentation seems off.  But…she’s skinny, so I guess we’re not supposed to care, right?  So…fat is bad but mangled and skinny is okay?  Gotcha.


Jezebel also pointed out that photos taken on October 9th of Christina Aguilera are of her at a much larger weight…not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.

Personally, I think she should have just posed for the photo as her body is right now.  Big or small…it doesn’t matter to me and if Christina Aguilera says that she’s comfortable with her body the way it is right now, it shouldn’t matter to her either.  Ah well, missed opportunity.  Instead we’ll have to look at what Aguilera looks like if she’d be hit by a bus.