Leather Pants are Women’s Top Regrettable Purchase. Really?

I read on Shine.yahoo.com this morning that leather pants are the number one clothing item women most regret buying.  According to a poll done by Drinks brand Lambrini, 2,000 women and 46 percent admitted they are embarrassed by their impulse leather pants purchases.


This is not to say that I think leather pants are for everyone, but I was still surprised by this poll.  

I fondly remember the only pair of leather pants I owned.  They were a genuine leather pair on cognac that I got for a steal at the Gap back in the early 2000’s.  The store was having some sort of leather pants sale and a bunch of us from work walked over to the store at lunch and scooped up a pair for the ridiculously cheap price of something like $49.  In fact, my boss (a guy) even bought a woman’s pair because the price was so unbelievable.  I loved those leather pants and got more than their money’s worth in wear.  In fact, I’d still have them today if the style and fit of the pants hadn’t become passé.

Conversely, I have found more than a few pairs of leather pants collecting dust in the backs of many women’s closets; these regrettable, albeit expensive, impulse purchases that seemed smart at the moment, but never got worn.  Each client whose leather pants were found tucked away couldn’t part with them, even though they didn’t wear them, because they felt guilty about being so impractical with their money.  So, maybe the article is right.  Yet, I still have a hard time believing that a pair of leather pants is really the most regrettable purchase a woman feels she has ever made.

Either way, I thought it would be fun to put some looks together using leather pants with hopes that they outfits would inspire you to pull that regrettable impulse purchase out from the back of your closet.

Leather Pants

Leather pants don’t always have to say “biker bar.”  You can go for more of a sophisticated town and country look in a pair.  This is how I prefer to wear my leather pants.

Leather Pants

For more of a modern rockstar look, a black pair with patches of leather would add some edge to an outfit.

Leather Pants

Just this weekend, I remarked that I would love a pair of leather leggings, which I would wear like this; with an oversized sweater, a great pair of boots and accessories.

If you are going for leather pants, go for real leather, not pleather.  Pleather pants are hot (temperature-wise)  and you’ll be sweating in only a few minutes of wearing them (Uh, hello yeast infection!).  Of course, leather pants can be warm to wear too.  Don’t you remember the famous Ross’ leather pants scene from “Friends”??  However, on a cold night, a great pair of leather pants can keep you toasty…and stylish.

What is the most regrettable fashion purchase that you’ve ever made?