Revive Your Basic White T-Shirt and Jeans Style

t-shirt and jeans styleLooking to do more with your t-shirt and jeans style?  Nothing is more basic than this look.  As easy as it to just grab an outfit like this, it can also be one of the most boring looks on the planet.  Basics like a white tee and a pair of jeans are important, yet, uninspiring if you don’t do anything to them to add some personality to your look.

The next time you reach for a t-shirt and jeans, consider some quick and additional easy steps to put some personality in your good old standby look.

New Looks: T-shirt and Jeans Style


White T and Jeans

There is a good chance you own something similar to most of the components added to this white t-shirt and jeans look.  Something as simple as a novelty pair of shoes, a versatile, yet interesting, handbag, an easy scarf and some casual jewelry can easily complete the look.


White T and Jeans

With such a basic foundation, it’s easy to start with a novelty shoe and pull out the colors found in them.  In this case, I grabbed a colorful strappy wedge and decided to partner orange and blue which not only complements the denim, but adds some excitement to the outfit.


White T and Jeans

With the foundation being jeans and a white t-shirt, you can bring in a lot of funky elements to let your personality show and take center stage.


White T & Jeans

Brighten up your day and your look by brining in some bold and daring color combinations.  While a pink sandal would be more than enough to add some pop, the additional components in the look up sophistication of this look even more, while still making it look weekend chic.