I Am Quite Sure That These Are the Weirdest Shoes I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve seen a lot of wacky fashion, so to claim these shoes to be the wackiest I’ve ever seen says a lot.  The NYC subway system is often a wonderful place to see some pretty strange things, including bizarre fashion…and this one took the cake!

It was a late Saturday evening and my husband and I were taking the subway from Manhattan home to Brooklyn when  I noticed these shoes board the train.  No, they weren’t worn by some homeless man trying to fashion shoes together with whatever he could find.  These shoes were worn by a guy who seemed quite the opposite, actually.  He was quite fashionable, was toting a Marc Jacob’s bag while being all fabulous with his friend.  I couldn’t stop staring at the shoes, these bizarre shoes made with a rubber base and roping that one would use to climb a mountain or maybe affix a mattress to the roof of a car.  These shoes were for real.

Here are some other views.  I tried to figure out who they were by but I haven’t been abe to find out yet.

And, the back view.  Note the way they tie around the ankle: