Rainbow Bright Boyfriend Blazers: They’re Baaaaaack

Picture it, the late 80’s.  Shows like Miami Vice and Golden Girls were popular sitcoms.  In fact, when it came to wardrobing for these two shows, it is quite possible that they borrowed their big, bold blazers from one another.

Well, flash forward a little over 25 years later and guess what?  Big, bold boyfriend blazers as worn in the 80’s are back again.  I guess they had to make their way back into fashion eventually.  The rest of popular trends from that era are back with a vengeance, like neon, polka dots, mint green, floral pants, so why not the big ol’ colored blazer, right?  Right??????  Oh God.  I can’t even pretend to get excited about this.

No, these aren’t retro jackets.  Every single style can be found in a store right now…like today, not 25 years ago.  And, as you can see, pick any color from the rainbow and it’s out there.  I just shed a tear.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bright, bold blazer.  I believe they pop a look and the use a bright color in an outfit is really exciting right now.  It’s the silhouette of the above blazers that irk me.  For the most part they’re shapeless.  I’m not ready to look like a big square again, I’m sorry.  If you do want to try them, I would highly suggest you wear pieces that are fitted and shaped underneath or else you’re just going to look wide.  To address the boldly colored blazer trend, I did put some looks together which I believe you can wear to feel updated, yet won’t make you look like you pulled a jacket out of your attic to wear again.

Bright Blazer and Shorts
I liked this bright pink jacket as a great way to finish off a fresh pair of white Bermuda shorts, a printed top, a great pair of purple wedges, that pick up the print in the top, finished off with a yellow necklace to take the color blocking one step further.  Some silver metallic accessories and, voila, a bold jacket look without looking like an extra on the set of Miami Vice.
Orange Blazer with Jeans
This updated nautical look takes a trendy orange blazer and teams it with a bateau neckline navy and beige striped top.  Taking that popular yellow accent shade, this time through a pair of ballerina flats, and you’ve hit all the trends while still maintaining your shape…and your dignity.
Bright Green Blazer
In yesterday’s blog about floral pants, I swooned over the use of bright green and navy together as a color combination.  This bold shaped green blazer allows you to address the bold blazer trend and when paired with a pair of jeans, and flats, it’s a great weekend casual look.  Finished off with an orange pair of earrings, for that additional pop and then a scarf that ties it all together, you get a modern, preppy look that is more timeless than the more “flash in the pan” trendy colorful boyfriend blazer.
Teal Colored Blazer
When done right, teal and orange are two other colors that I really love when combined.  I happen to love this teal blazer that is poppy and bold, yet still elegant.  The look is grounded in grey giving the ultra-cool shoes and other orange accessories a place to shine.  This is a great work look that means business while still being feminine.
Again, I really tried to style those big, cumbersome boyfriend blazers, but they were just a little too nostalgic for me to address.  If you’re looking for some inspiration, however, I can offer you this: