How to Wear Floral Pants Without Looking Like a Sofa

Floral PantsThere are some trends that come down the pike that I unequivocally can’t stand.  Out of all the hot looks for spring/summer I’m meh about, floral pants has to be the one that is at the top of the list of my all time hates.  First of all, they remind me of the 8th grade, which was the last time they were hot (and I was not…oh trust me, I was not) and I owned a pair that looked like Laura Ashely has puked all over my legs.  Secondly, I have a hard time seeing the point of splashing big flowers all over my already big legs.  Third, I just am not a fan of florals, period.

However, this is all simply opinion. Being a style expert, I like to challenge myself and, also, as someone who revamps the styles of all types of women, I am only good at my job when I don’t dress my clients to look like a bunch of mini-me’s.  Just because I don’t like them, wouldn’t wear them and think they’re ugly, does not mean that I won’t meet a woman who likes them and whose style is suited for them.  Therefore, I decided I would play around with some floral pants looks to see if I could actually make them wearable and somewhat attractive.

Here is what I came up with:

Floral Pants: Palazzos

Floral Palazzos
I’ve been very clear about my disdain for palazzo pants (see proof in this video), yet while looking through the different types of floral pants out there these pants were one of the few that didn’t completely offend me.  I pictured a tall sleek, sophisticated woman with her hair slicked back in a tight bun going to a friend’s BBQ or on vacation.
With pants so loud and demanding of so much attention, I decided to keep the rest of the elements of this outfit rather understated and gold felt right to boost the elegance level of these pants.  With the wrong pieces, these pants can look dumb and dowdy, but with the right ones they actually don’t look so bad…well, for floral pants.

Floral Pants: Denim

Floral Denim
Another way I figured someone could get away with wearing floral pants would be to do them as a denim replacement.  I saw this tonal blue floral pair and knew I could figure out something to do with them that wouldn’t be totally offensive to the eye.  I grabbed a white tunic top, some metallic flip flops and accessories and popped the look with a bright green scarf to throw in some color contrast.  Lastly, a great navy patent leather shopper purse that works really well with the bright green.  Have I ever told you how much I love bright green and navy together?

Floral Pants: Abstract

Black and White Floral
To know me is to know that I don’t wear black, don’t own black and rarely style with the color.  I also loathe black shoes.  However, on clients who look good in black, I do use it and recommend it.  That said, however, black is never a color I overly enjoy working with.  Yet, when I saw these black and white floral capri pants that reminded me of a toile print, they seemed sophisticated enough with which to work.  Granted, they are $800 Gucci pants so they better look good.
Anyway, when I saw these pants, all I could think about was red.  I chose a red t-shirt and kept everything else clean in black and white.  Admittedly, I do like these shoes.  Not that they would have any place in my wardrobe, but I could appreciate the clean sophistication of them.

Floral Pants: Skinny Jeans

Floral jeans with denim and natural accessories
Out of all the looks, this one is probably the most me.  Well, stick mid-brown into any outfit and I’m sold.  Yet, what I also like about this look is that the floral pants are part of the whole, it’s not just about the floral pants where everything else becomes a background player.
When I saw these pants, I wanted to do something a bit more rugged yet sophisticated.  I chose more natural wooden accessories and a denim jacket to add that ruggedness and brown shoes and bag to add richness.  Will this look be in my closet this summer? Not likely, but at least I can appreciate floral pants a wee bit more…a wee bit.

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