Stylish Shorts Looks

Summer is so close, in fact, it’s been warm enough lately for most of us to break out our shorts…if you are one of the people out there who actually wear shorts.  Personally, I don’t unless I am on vacation, and even then it is in limited amounts and I need to be near the equator to do it.  Between being as white as a Cullen and not having the best legs, I just have never felt all that comfortable in them.  My only exception might be a longer, tapered pair of Bermudas but I’d probably still grab a dress.

If you want to wear this trend, but have been avoiding shorts because you’re not sure how to wear them, the first thing I will say is that shorts should be worn like pants.  After all, all shorts really are are pants with a shorter hem.  Therefore, if you know a certain style of pants look good on you style-wise, go for the same features in your shorts.  Don’t buy pleated shorts if pleated pants don’t look right on you.  If you have a tummy, go for a contour waisted short like you would a pair of pants.  Additionally, if your legs aren’t your best feature, go for a longer more tapered pair of shorts vs. a pair of short-shorts.  Also, avoid cuffs or a wider hem if you’ve got heavier legs.  A big pair of relaxed Bermuda shorts will only make you look big.  Like pants, if you’ve got larger thighs and the shorts have side pockets, get the pocket bags removed and have the pockets stitched closed.  Doing this will keep the pockets from splaying open making your thighs and hips look big.

For those of you who do wear shorts, I wanted to put some looks together with shorts to show how you can style them in ways that keep you cool and stylish.

Sporty Shorts for Daytime Chic
When most think about shorts, they think about vacation.  I put this look together with this in mind.  These shorts are not for someone who has larger thighs or hips.  If you do like this look, but the shorts aren’t right, you can always go for a similar pair of shorts with a longer, more tapered look.  Seeing that the shirt is more relaxed, it would be smart to go with a short that is more streamlined so the look isn’t too baggy.
For the accessories, I chose a yellow wedge because yellow, as a great accent color, works back to the green as a pop that still harmonizes.  Lastly, a straw bag and a sun hat, and you’re stylish for any casual vacation or weekend look.
White Shorts Chic
This is a great summer look that is quite versatile, from a vacation, to a stylish casual night out to a outdoor party.  I liked these white shorts because they can easily flatter a variety of figures.  White bottoms are the type where choosing as style that flatters is crucial.  This pair has a longer, more streamlined leg and when worn with a metallic platform, your leg can easily look longer and leaner.  Because of the more tapered leg, this trendy orange tunic top works proportionately.   Lastly, I chose that yellow accent, like in the outfit above because it works back to just about any color.  The long necklace picks up the yellow and the orange, while also introducing the green, another accent color that universally complements any color you wear it with.
Shorts for the office
I can’t say that I am pro shorts for the office, but that’s just my opinion and, apparently, my opinion is in the minority because shorts for work are everywhere.  Instead of going with a shorts suit, I chose separates because I felt they would be easier to break apart and wear in other ways.  I chose a softer look for this and went with a more tailored short that were more professional looking vs. casual.  If you are going to wear shorts to the office, they need to be very different than the shorts you’d wear to a BBQ.  Popped off the more tonally neutral base, I popped the look with an elegant green necklace, a python bag and a pair of chunkier nude heels.  The nude heels will elongate and slim the leg.  However, I wanted to avoid something too stiletto looking as I believe the heels need to be a bit more substantial when being worn with shorts.
Casual Denim Shorts
Lastly, most people will probably grab a pair of shorts for a really casual day.  Dressing casually does not meant that you have to abandon looking stylish.  I chose a distressed bermuda denim short that seem so easy to grab on a lazy day.  I, next, started with this great yellow tank top and the first complementary color I thought about was teal.  An easy sandal like the teal one I chose worked so well with the yellow top and then, as luck would have it, I found this bracelet that pulled the whole look together.  Lastly, because people do get cold in the summer, I went with a neutral cardigan in grey that softened the look, a grey handbag, that would look great with this outfit with or without the cardigan and a pair of teal earrings that pulled in the teal again without being too matchy-matchy.  The next time you want to grab a tank top and shorts, think about some stylish accessory components you can grab and wear to make your look appear a bit more effortlessly polished.