How to wear Mint Green Without Looking Like a Tube of Toothpaste, a Janitor or a Hospital Worker

Mint Green Mint green is a hot color for this spring and summer.  It can be a pretty color if worn right…and a disastrous color if worn wrong or on a person with the wrong coloring.  If you’re someone who has seen this color around in the stores or on the streets, before you run out and buy it for yourself, take my advice on how to wear it.

First, you need to honestly ask yourself if mint green is the right shade for you, not for your neighbor, not for the stylish woman you saw on the street, not for your co-worker or anyone else you’ve seen wearing mint.  Not every color in the world is right for everyone.  Just because you see it in the stores doesn’t mean you have to wear it.

The people who can wear mint as a singular, all over color, are people with really soft coloring.  Granted, there are various shades that fall into the mint category, but it still can be a hard color to wear.  If you put the color on and it doesn’t look good, leave it at the store, or find a way to wear it in small doses or as far away from your face as possible.

Colors come in varying degrees of saturation.  A color that has a strong level clear saturation is a color that looks like it hasn’t been lightened with white to look more pastel.  A color lacking in saturation is a color that has been lightened through the addition of white and it looks more pastel, softer, and more muted.

Here are two examples.

Unsaturated Mint Green

Mint Green This is a mint green shade that does not have a lot of saturation.  You can see that the color is really pastel in color and that is because the color has been lightened using white.  Imagine you add white paint to a color; that is exactly what is happening here.  A color like this looks better on people with softer coloring.

Saturated Mint Green

Mint Green

This is a mint green shade with more saturation.  It isn’t as pastel-y as the shirt above.  A with less saturation is clearer, brighter and less muted and will probably look better on more people.  This is not to say that this is a color that all can wear, but a color that is a little richer will be more generally flattering.

Now let’s put some looks together.  Again, it is hard for anyone to wear this color without looking like a tube of toothpaste and it is my guess that the majority of people out there would prefer to wear this color in small doses vs. head to toe.  Here are some outfits I created using this trendy color.

Mint Green and Navy

Mint Green

A color that can really ground a lighter mint green shade is navy, which flatters many skin tones.  Accent the outfit with some easy silver accessories and you have an easy weekend look.

Mint Green and Orange

Mint Green

For a summer color, mint is great, but too much of it can be a bit minty fresh in overload.  Orange and  mint green is a great color combination and coming in with some neutral accessories that complement, yet anchor the color in a sophisticated manner can create a great summer look.

Mint Green Jeans

Mint Green

Colored jeans are very popular this season and, of course, mint green  jeans would be in the stores.  What to do, what to do, what to do?  Well, you could go for a neutral solid top to bring a little sophistication to such a playful color, or you could also look for a printed top that picks up the mint without being too matchy-matchy.  What I like about this total look is that is is clear that the mint found in the jeans is in the printed top, yet, with the neutral and metallic accessories anchoring the overall look it still manages to be elegant.  The jeans then become part of the total outfit and not just a stand alone minty mess.

Mint Green Shoes

Mint Green

I said earlier that navy and mint can be a gorgeous color combination.  I decided to go with navy again when pairing a dress with these mint green wedges.  However, I don’t want you to stop with navy.  The nice thing about a mint shoe is that there really is no neutral dress color that can’t be popped by this color.   If you’re going to go mint, a pair of shoes may be the most versatile.  I grabbed a pair of earrings that brought in the mint and a white bag to give it that upscale resort look.

Mint Green Summer Dress

Mint Green

Lastly, if you’re looking for a dress in a color other than black, mint green may be the way to go.  Again, keep your personal coloring in mind before you go out and spend.  I chose to warm up the dress with with gold metallic accessories and chose an art deco earring that could complete the look and style.

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