How to Wear Colored Jeans with Style

Colored JeansYou’ve seen colored jeans in the store.  You want to buy a pair, after all, they seem like such a refreshing departure from your blue jeans.  However, you find yourself stymied by how to wear them.   Colored jeans have been a hot request from many of my clients and putting together looks with a pair of colored jeans isn’t as hard as you think, especially with all the color blocking that is blooming for spring/summer.  Here are my tips on how to wear colored jeans, along with some looks I put together using some of the more popular colored jeans colors for the season!

1. Just because you’re craving a particular color of colored jeans does not mean that you abandon all the rules on the best fit.

Sure, you may find a fun purple pair of jeans, or a great teal pair that seem like they’d be a great addition to your wardrobe.  Before you pick them up, however, think about whether or not the fit of the jeans are right for you.  Color can be very alluring, especially with how trendy it is, but that does not mean you sacrifice fit for trend.

2. Remember my color combining formula- Base, Accent Pop

My Base, Accent, Pop color combining formula will serve you greatly when putting together a great outfit using colored jeans.  The only difference, however, is that instead of wearing a base color (a neutral) as a pants color, you’ll be brining in that neutral somewhere else, like through a shirt or cardigan, for example.  Bringing in a base shade in a neutral color will ground the outfit and make it more wearable.  Of course, you can abandon this theory if you want to go colorblocking all the way.  Yet, for many, wearing colored jeans will be more comfortable if they throw a neutral in somewhere.   Lastly, look for a pop shade, a color that works with the color of your jeans and adds that last bit of flair.

3. Choose a colored jeans that work with your body shape.

When we’re not wearing a color near our face and, instead, in our pants, we have more wiggle room to play with the colors we wear because that color isn’t affecting our own personal facial coloring as strongly.  However, you still need to think about your body shape.  If you’re someone who collects the majority of their weight at the bottom half of their body, it is smarter to choose a darker colored jean than a lighter one, especially if you want to wear a darker color on top.  Of course, choosing the right fit of jeans will help, but I don’t advise a light colored jean in a very skinny style if you’re built like a pear.  A boot cut, straight leg, or fit and flair style will be more flattering.

So, on to the looks.  I wanted to step out a bit with these styles.  For the most part, many know how to wear these jeans in a basic manner.  But, what if you want more styling and to make more of a statement.  I kept this in mind when putting some of these looks together.

Colored Jeans

The color combination of pink and green is about as old as the hills and works perfectly in this case.  Boot cut jeans, like these in green, which would be flattering on just about any body shape, partnered with a watermelon pink top boldly says summer.  Add a crisp white cardigan grounds the look without muddying the brightness of it and the striped flats by Reef Tropic pull in all the colors of the outfit, and then some.  Lastly, some complementary accessories and this is a great casual look.

Colored Jeans

Orange is so hot this season, but what the heck do you do with it?  Answer, anything you want, really.  While it looks bold and jarring, there are many colors that work well with orange.  Navy and orange are two of my favorite color combinations and you’ll see a lot of it in the stores.  Additionally, you can go for a neutral top, like brown…and you don’t have to be boring about it either!  I love this printed top for some pizzazz and this is the season where the metallic shoe will be your best friend.  With all the craziness of color, a metallic sandal will ground the look of colored jeans without distracting the overall look.

Colored Jeans

Purple is a very popular colored jeans color this spring and summer.  Green is often referred to as a colored neutral which complements any and every color of the rainbow without being too jarring.  As I like to say, “When in doubt, go green!”  I love this simple cardigan paired with a tank.  And, you don’t have to go solid either.  A great stripe like the one found in the cardigan works and, when done right, you can even throw on a print shoe that picks up the colors of the outfit without being too matchy-matchy.

Colored Jeans

Yellow is that popular color that few want to wear near their face.  Therefore, wearing this color in a pair of jeans is a great compromise.  Now, this outfit may seem like a bit of stretch, but I love navy with yellow and thought that a casual, cotton blazer would look great with these jeans.  I also love grey with yellow and chose this fun printed top and grey ballerina flats for an easy, yet styled look.  Lastly, an orange necklace.  Crazy?  Not really.  Orange and yellow fall in the same color family and done in a small dose adds that accent punch to the outfit that creates a statement.