Would You Buy Underwear From a Vending Machine?

Source: Shine.yahoo.com

Having slogged my way through hundreds of airports, I have seen some crazy things sold in vending machines.  Well, it seems that it is about to get crazier.  Question: Would you buy a pair of underwear from a vending machine?  Yes?  Well, it’s to be your lucky day soon because you will be able to at an airport, gym, night-club and hotel near you.  MeUndies.com is setting up these booths at these types of locations.

Have you ever seen the ladies bathroom line at a bar?  I won’t disclose her name, but I have a friend who pee’d herself on a bar bathroom line once because the line moved so slow.  Of course, the fact that she was drunk as a skunk didn’t help.  And, did you see Snooki pee on herself a few Jersey Shore episodes ago?  Both Snooki and my friend could have used this solution.

As weird as it all sounds, I’m totally for it, especially at airports.  A few years ago I was supposed to be on the road for five days and it turned into ten days, instead. I remember having to handwash a few pairs of socks and underwear in a hotel sink to get me through my trip.  Had I had the ability to buy a few pairs at a vending machine it would have saved me the trouble.

MeUndies.com also plans on adding T-shirts and socks to their vending machines soon.

Source: Shine.Yahoo.com