Slap Your Way to Bigger Breasts

Thai-Beautician-Offers-Natural-Augmentation-with-Breast-Slapping-2Ask any woman if there is a body part she would like to change and even the most evolved woman would be able to come up with something (uh…smaller thighs for one, please.)

What keeps most women from changing their physical appearance is their decision to not to go under the knife for plastic surgery. Well, it seems you don’t have to any longer. You can simply just slap your way to a larger chest or a different face shape.

Sound unbelievable (and mildly ridiculous)?  Check out the video of Khemmikka Na Songkhla a Bangkok beauty artisan who says she can slap, pound and massage the fat in your boobies into a larger shape. Khemmikka claims she is the only person in the world who can do it. The wisdom has been passed down to her from her grandmother.

The price?  $263,000, plus a ticket to Bangkok.

I suddenly have the song “One night in Bangkok” stuck in my head.